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    Assign incident when replying


      Right now, when an analyst sends a note via email or the webdesk to the end user, it changes the status from NEW to In Progress.  We'd like to add an assignment at the same time.  This way, if an analyst is out and about, they can simply reply to a new message, which will send a response to the end user AND assign it to them; they won't have to log into the webdesk to make that happen.  Here is what our workflow looks like.  We'd like to add the assignment right where the red box is.


      The problem is that I don't know what variable to use for determining the user who sent the email.  How do I check to see what the variable for analyst is if they send from email into the system?





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          michael.odriscoll SupportEmployee

          Hi John,


          Thanks for posting this to the Community.


          Were you able to find a solution to this issue? Please share anything you found useful here, you might help someone out.



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            No, I never found a way to make this happen.  I tried using the RaiseUser of the last note, but that didn't work.  I couldn't find any other variable for making this happen, and as you can tell, I couldn't get any responses from folks, so I'm out of ideas.  You can't use $CurrentUser$ because there isn't actually a user on the incident, and if you're sending a note via email, then the CreateUser is actually "System," as we'd need to key off of the note's RaiseUser instead.

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              andreas.lindner Expert

              Hi John,


              I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve, but the Add Note action will always work if the subject of the incoming mail is correct. So virtually you do not need to use any Add Assignment on the way.


              But if you're trying to get the RaiseUser in the Add Assignment anyway, the only option that comes to my mind is, that you can use the runtime value of the Raise User of the process. For example in an Add Assignment in the Incident Process the value will be the Incident - RaiseUser (displayed as "{Process/RaiseUser}" after clicking on OK), because you're getting from an Assignment object to the corresponding Incident and there you'll need the RaiseUser.


              Hope it helps!


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                In short, we want to make it more convenient for our analysts to assign tickets/incidents to themselves.  A ticket comes in...the team is notified it's in our queue.  We'd like to be able to send an email from Outlook or our mobile phones back to the helpdesk system and have it automatically assign that incident to the analyst who sent the email.  Right now, you have to log into the portal and assign the incident to yourself.  If we're sending a note to the end user from email (instead of from the WebDesk portal), we want it to automatically assign the incident to the analyst who sent in the email.

                Does that make sense?



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                  andreas.lindner Expert

                  Ah, OK, now i understand what you trying to do.


                  There might be some runtime problems, as all the automatic actions will happen virtually at the same time in a unspecific order. So it can happen that you'll get no useful data. But as the Add Note is a collection (that will always be executed first), there is a slight chance for us.


                  Did you, by chance, had a look in your DB what contents are stored with a note created by an email?

                  So if you take a look in the im_incident_note and check the value in the column im_raise_user_guid and match it to the user in tps_user, will this be the sender of the mail? Or is it simply the system user that is used by the Mail In Service?


                  If it is the user, you're looking for, the correct runtime value in an Add Assignment Action will be Incident/Notes/RaiseUser (shown as {Process/Notes/RaiseUser}). Service Desk will automatically determine the latest notes' RaiseUser, so there is no need to filter the value in your process.



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                    I am using the hosted version, so I don't have access directly to the database (unless there's a way I can do this that I'm not aware of).  I only have the WD and SS portals, and the Console for administration.


                    I'm pretty sure when I tried this using RaiseUser, it kept coming back with "system" instead of the actual analyst, which is odd because LastNote.RaiseUser works fine when performing a decision tree calculation to determine if the analyst was the user who submitted a note.



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                      andreas.lindner Expert

                      Ah, that's most unfortunate, but I thought so much. I wasn't sure if they changed anything in the latest updates.

                      So if there is a possible way, that is beyond my knowledge.

                      But let us know if you find a way.


                      Sorry I couldn't help!


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                        Cloud services should be able to setup Workspace for your analysts and this would be pretty good at this simple 'update and assign to me' action.  Being real time it also gives up to date information to the analyst in case someone else has nipped in and assigned it to themselves.  Some people haven't deployed Workspace because it didn't support integrated login, but we have worked with Cloud sevrices to deploy ADFS authentication for both WebDesk and Workspace and it works well.  Might be worth looking at.