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    Assistance writing a query that returns "Closure date"

    CAGreen Apprentice



      I've written a query for a colleague that returns values relating to closed calls.  The Query currently checks for Reference number,Full name of person raising the call and Summary.  My issue is I need the query to report on "Closure Dates" for example  the user is prompted to select a date range for all calls closed in X amount of time, as the closure has a one to many relationship I really am stumped.


      I can easily add the creation date to the query, however this will not provide the details my colleague requires.


      EG all calls created in the last month "Closed" if a call was raised in January and closed in December this would not appear on my query due to it not being created in the last month.


      Any ideas?


      Currently using Landesk Console version 7.8.1