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    Server \ Services

    mpinkos Apprentice

      I am looking to pull a report for of servers globally.  But with the servers i want to include the services running and the user account thats usinging it.    


      Side note is there a way to pull roles installed and running on the servers?  Or would we need to put a special inventory object.

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          LANDeskWizrd SSMMVPGroup

          Technically, you can pull a report of the servers with the services running and the user account that is running said service. I have not seen an inventory attribute/s for the roles installed. That would probably require custom inventory data to be pulled in.

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Doesn't even need to have the service running - just needs to have the service.


            It gets a bit vague around "the service that's using it" - do you mean by that "the user-context that a service is running as"? If you're talking about THAT, that's captured with regular inventory (here's an example - from LANDesk Management Suite 2016):



            This is under the regular inventory "path" of ==> OS - Drivers and Services - Service - {SERVICENAME}


            If you're talking about a www-service situation where the www-service is running as "local system" (for argument's sake) but "Bob from accounting" and "Kate from IT" connect to the www-service to do stuff, and THAT is what you want to capture, you'll definitely need to look at custom inventory (a script to trawl through logs and build a custom data file for you most likely).


            All doable though.


            Hope that helps?

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              mpinkos Apprentice

              Ok i have a little better idea what is needed..... I need to pull a list of servers which is easy... But i need to show the services actually running and the account using it.   So start run -> services.msc  this list.  

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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                That's already in inventory though -- check my screenshot above. The "Log on As" user is the user that a service is running as.


                And the inventory data on the Windows Services is populated from (essentially) services.msc ... what is it that our service inventory doesn't have that you're missing, exactly?


                All the stuff you've requested is there - as standard.