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    Agent health deployment question

    rlattin Rookie

      We're getting ready to deploy agent health settings to over 10,000 computers via a change settings task.  This task should succeed on computers that aren't already having base agent problems and fix them should anything get deleted or corrupted in the future, but what can be done about computers that already have unhealthy agents?  Is reinstalling the agent the only option, and if so, is there a good method for querying for computers with issues vs a computer that's just been powered off for a while?


      LDMS 2016.3

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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          It's hard to say without detailed knowledge of your environment and what agent issues you may be facing.  However, LANDesk does set a task in the Windows task scheduler that, if working properly, should be able to repair issues with vulscan which would then allow agent health scans to take place and repair any other issues that may be found. 


          Obviously this can't account for every scenario that you may be facing but it would account for many. 


          I am not aware of a method to query a device based on whether it's damaged vs powered off unfortunately.  There are some data points we could make use of such as system uptime but if the agent is damaged to the point that it's not reporting inventory scans, the data we need to query would not be available.  It's a more manual process, but if you can ping a device and LANDesk fails to discover that same device (and the IP address is not mismatched), it's a great indicator that it's damaged and should have the agent reinstalled.