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    LANDESK MDM - Custom IOS app.

    KrisBultinck Apprentice



      Pretty new to MDM and to LANDESK MDM.

      Running on LANDESK


      Got most of the MDM working, but I am stuck on the following:

      The company I work for has next to a number of AppStore Application on IOS, one custom IOS package.


      The current MDM responsible has delivered a IPA file to me, but it’s not fully clear to me how is should configure a IOS package to deploy using a Manifest URL.

      Below a screenshot of my current package.

      I can get this to show up in the “workspaces on the Ipad, but it when I ask it to install, it does nothing.

      Been reading up a lot on how to deploy a custom IOS package, but I cannot seem to find a LANDESK example.

      Found a lot of information on the PLIST file that I might need, however I did not get this delivered from the current MDM responsible.


      Anyone here with experience in deploying a Custom IOS app?

      If I could compare with an existing working deployment that would be great.


      ·         How should I configure the distribution, Bundle ID and bundle version.

      ·         Can I just type what I think it would

      ·         Should the URL link to the IPA file or a PLIST file, and how should the URL be build?
      Current URL:
      https://CoreServer/Packages/SalesAnywhere/SaUnilin_IPA-V2.7.24/SA UNI V2.7.24 - PRD.ipa

      ·         In the case I need a PLIST file, can I build this myself or should the company that wrote the custom app deliver this to me?


      Just can’t seem to see the big picture here.

      Any help is more than welcome.