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    iOS Profile Signing

    jhedelin Apprentice

      I have created a Third-party certficate for iOS Profile Signing and everything works great.

      But before i go in production with MDM i want to be sure how to replace my certficate with the same private key before it expires.


      The documentation is says: WARNING: You should always replace the signing certificate with a certificate that has the same private key before it expires. If the certificate expires without a replacement, or if the private key changes, you may be required to re-enroll iOS devices.


      On my Core server, if i open mmc.exe and computer certificates i have my wildcard iOS Profile Signing certificate.

      If i choose: All tasks -> Advanced Operations -> Renew This Certificate With The Same Key

      I get the error: THe request contans no certifcate template information.


      Maybe im doing this wrong?