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    Multiple response levels per incident?


      We are using the hosted Service Desk as a Service.  We have an outsourced IT team that handles our level 1 requests.  They operate 24x7 and are contracted for a 15 minute response time.  We call that group Tier1.


      We have several internal groups that also handle incidents.  Our main one is called Tier2.  We have a 1 hour response time to our end users.  We only operate from 8 AM to 6 PM.


      I have 2 calendars for our SLAs.  One is the default which is set for 8 AM to 6 PM support hours M-F.  The second is called 24x7 Support and goes from 12:00:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM every day of the week.


      I have a response level called "Level 1" with 15 minute escalations/response levels. It uses the 24x7 support calendar.


      I have another response level called Level 2, and it uses 1 hour escalations/response levels.


      Here is what my Response Agreements matrix looks like:


      You can see that if the Latest Assignment/Group is Tier1, then it will use the Level 1 response level, which is operating on the 24x7 calendar, and this should be the 15 minute SLAs.


      Now, the real issue I'm getting at is that we can't currently create new incidents or assign anything to Tier 1 because we get the generic message:

      "There has been an unexpected error. Click Continue to return to the previous page.

      Object reference not set to an instance of an object."


      I believe I read somewhere that an incident can only have a single response level, unless I'm misunderstanding.   Here is the link I found: 24 Hour Countdown Timer Service Desk 7.8

      One of the users mentions: "On the question regarding calendars, you can have as many calendars as you like. But each response level can only be associated with one calendar, which also means each ticket has one calendar associated with it, since it is associated with one response level in the SLA system."


      So, am I to understand that maybe the reason we're getting this error with being unable to create/assign incidents to Tier1 is because they are on a different calendar and different response level, but each incident can only be assigned a single response level throughout its lifetime?


      I hope that's clear.