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    PC Model information




      I have a handful of workstations that either have no PC model information or inncorrect model information.  That is, the inventory field Computer.Model is either blank or has bad info (i.e., a Dell Latitude (laptop) reporting itself as a Dimension (not a laptop).  After doing some looking through the inventory I realized that another inventory field, Computer.System.Model, contains the correct information.


      The only place on the actual machines, or in Active Directory that I find the model information is in the BIOS - this seems to be where Computer.System.Model is getting its info.  I confirmed on the test machines that I can easily access that WMI reports itself OK - this seems to be borne out by the correct information (including serial numbers) that is found under Computer.System.*.


      Where is Computer.Model pulling its information?  Why is it accurate for about 90+% of the machines, but not on others?


      Thanks for your help.



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          RickS SupportEmployee

          It sounds like you have older agents on the systems that are reporting wrong.  With 8.7 the 'Model' information is now found under the 'System' object in the computer's inventory

          For your query, reconfigure the Column Set to use 'System'.'Model' 

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            The agents are a mix of 8.7 and 8.8, but all are at least  This is true both of all machines and the ones that show bad information.  Core server was just upgraded to 8.8 SP2 (hoping that this would get resolved, among other things); it was 8.7 prior to that.  We have never run anything earlier than 8.7 in our environment..


            I'm also curious under what circumstances the information would get misreported?


            That said, your answer reassures me that we're getting correct info now - I've changed the column sets so that our base display reflects the proper field.



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              MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

              Model comes from the BIOS via a direct call or through the 'scraping' of information from the text in the BIOS itself.  If you look at your ldappl3.ini file you will see a BIOS section that has some odd looking commands in there.  These are the old mechanism for finding make and model information in machine BIOS.


              This has long since been superceded by the information collected through WMI but the old technology remains for backwards compatibility.  You have a Dell environment and Dell were always the worst for BIOS information, it would often be missing or just plain wrong.  You might still have a BIOS strings entry in some of your inventory records.  if you view that you would see what Dell include in the BIOS.


              Just ignore that entry of it is wrong and stick to the System - Model section as it is much more accurate.


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                I am missing the same information on fully 1/4 of all my workstations. Any tips on getting this information to populate properly?

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                  grimmda Apprentice

                  I have a blank model entry on 53 of my 5069 nodes... they are a mix of HP and Dell and a mix of and (we're migrating them) client versions.  Any new thoughts here?

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                    mrspike SSMMVPGroup

                    Is other info, such as LDAP info missing?  If so, could be WMI issue.  If so let me know can get you a script to fix WMI

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                      grimmda Apprentice

                      Thanks for checking in!  It appears as though ZERO additional info is missing.  Only model.  I do have Machine and Primary Owner under LDAP Groups and LDAP User shows the proper ID's and LDAP Locations.

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                        MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

                        What about serial number information? Model and serial etc are put in there by the manufacturer. It used to be quite common for replacement motherboards to be missing information like this (especially from Dell). There could be an issue getting the information, or it may simply be that there is no information to collect.


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