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    Terminal ID issue

    emanuele_t Rookie

      Could somebody help me with this issue:

      Five year ago, i installed Avalanche 5.3 SE to our customer for manage a group of 30 devices Motorola MC9190 WCE6.

      With spends of time they increased the group of 15 devices but now on inventory tab we see only 35 devices. 

      After a careful analisys we notes that some devices have same 'terminal id' properties of others. When a device is turned on in inventory tab we see change of ip address, serial number and mac address on another device (like if the line is updated).

      Yesterday i upgraded enabler on all devices with version 5.3.84 but it doesn't fix problem.

      Devices have this versions of BSP 02.32.03 and 03.37.02.

      Thanks for support.

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          fkshelton SupportEmployee

          Hi, It appears that some of these devices might have been imaged with the same image. For this particular problem it would be best if you were to contact Wavelink Technical support via opening a case through our support portal or calling in using the support number so support can assist with further troubleshooting this issue.

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            Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

            What process did you use for imaging the devices? If you just copied the Application directory from one device to another then you would likely experience this exact issue. Manually copying the Application directory from one device to another is generally a bad idea for device deployments.


            An alternative scenario that may be happening, but is less likely, is that the devices have corrupted ESNs (electronic serial numbers) which is leading Avalanche to treat them as the same device. I have seen that issue before with Motorola VC5090 devices and the resolution was to install an updated BSP that replaced a getesn.exe executable that was on the device.

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              emanuele_t Rookie


              basicly i use a simple process, install enabler from CAB file and after use the software 'Scan to Config' for read barcode and connect to Avalanche server.

              I suppose the issue is connected to displacement of some devices from a lan to another with differente ip address class.