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    Scheduling Published Reports with Unique Name

    zeetwoeight Apprentice

      Hi all,


      I have a scheduled task to generate a report once a month but the name of the report is always the same (which means older files get over written).  Is there a way to create unique filenames for reports?  Ideally, it would be great if the report name (ReportOnSoftwareXYZ.pdf) could have a date stamp associated with it (ReportOnSoftwareXYZ_Oct01_2008.pdf, ReportOnSoftwareXYZ_Nov01_2008.pdf, etc...) or something similar.


      Anyone know of a way to do this?


      I guess I could put a script or scheduled task on the server itself that will do it outside the realm of LANDesk but if this could be accomplished within LANDesk when the report is generated that would be even better.




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          RickS SupportEmployee

          Actually, the below does not seem to be working for me.  So I'll look into this a bit more.



          You could do the following:

          1. Create your report and the "Schedule Publish" it

          2.  On the Scheduled event, right click and choose 'properties'.

          3.  Under Schedule task, choose to repeat the report

          4.  Under the 'Recipients' option, you'll see the "LANDesk Reports Share".  The files will be in .pdf format and should be identifiable via their time stamp.


          Please give this a try.


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            RickS SupportEmployee

            Besides the steps to publish the report to the LANDesk Reports Share, you could create a batch file that would then look into the share and rename the report.  This batch file could be scheduled to execute after the schedule report itself.

            Sorry that there is now built in way.  I'd also suggest you contact LANDesk Support and enter an enhancement request for this so that it has a ticket associated with the request.  That isn't a guarantee the enhancement would make it in, but it is a good suggestion.