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    The future of ALM/PM as stand alone products




      Have been going through the LANDesk website and trying to figure out what the future of ALM/PM is going to be  - anybody have any information?  Is there an upgrade path or will the product be abandon?

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          jwwtss Apprentice

          We've asked this question to our rep and other at interchange and have gotten conflicting answers.  One answer was that ALM was going to be replaced by Asset Central.  Another was that nothing was planned yet (although the roadmap didn't show ALM or PM on it and LDAC showed up out of nowhere).


          The best I can guess is that ALM/PM is going to be a stand-alone product that is basically Service Desk.  We have LDMS, LDSD and ALM/PM.  When doing the install for LDSD and Asset Central it is basically the exact same installer and program.  The only difference is the licensing.  Even the online documentation for LDAC points to the LDSD documentation. 


          That being said, all the processes that are done in PM are capable in LDSD or LDAC along with asset management.


          Probably not what you wanted to here since you will need to redo everything you have already done but I'm in the same boat as well.


          Hope this helps.

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            In the roadmap, there is no upgrade plan of LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager 5.0.

            Connect events - LD Master Roadmap 2016 Sep12 2016

            In the product end of life page, LANDESK Asset Lifecycle Manager 5.0 is currently available and fully supported. No End of Life announcement has been made.

            Product End Of Life | LANDESK