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    Can I View Browser History through LANDesk?

    jdaugherty Apprentice

      Can I View the Browser History of a remote computer through LANDesk without using Remote Control? We have remote control set up so you need users permission to remote in. Can I get the users Browser History somehow through LANDesk? We are using LANDesk Management Suite 2016.

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          phoffmann SupportEmployee

          Short answer - "no".


          Longer answer - "yep".


          So - the "No" is as follows ... it's not an "out of the box" feature. So there isn't a "right-click -> show me browser history" type function.


          As for the "yes" - you could script it as custom data, and have it be sent to the Core. This might be a bit of work (and should probably include a custom DB table, as that'll be a LOT of data potentially). The difficulties I see would be around handling the fact that you've got 3-4 browsers (IE, Edge, FF, Chrome) to deal with and chances are they all have different ways of storing that data ... how much of a pain that'll be to get & extract is not something I know.


          But "if it can be scripted", then you can get it added as custom data.


          Depending on where in the world you are, I'd also be quite careful here, as this can be seen as rather sensitive data & privacy rules may apply.


          USUALLY -- your routers & gateways & proxies will have a much easier method of tracking these things anyway ... so if you're after this stuff, you may want to check in with your network team. As I expect their kit to already have such routing logs for each client-IP anyway.


          So - "yes" - it CAN be done. No, it's not an "out of the box" thing. But - I suspect your easiest way to that data would be via the network folks who should be set up for this sort of data already anyway.


          Hope that helps.