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    Error upgrading to 2016.3

    hunter13 Apprentice

      i'm trying to upgrade to 2016.3 but it keeps erroring out during the stopping landesk services. I get this same error on my test server and my production server.


      Here is the error that i get



      2017-01-01 21:24:14 INFO: Executing command Service_CBA8_StopService  (SetupController.ExecuteNextCommand())

      2017-01-01 21:24:14 INFO: Executing: C:\LANDESKSoftware2016-3\Resources\LANDesk.Common.RunMethod.exe assemblyFile="LANDesk.Install.Common.Actions.dll" class="Services" Method="StopServiceEx" commandLine="CBA8;1200;true"  (Launcher.ExecuteXmlCommand())

      2017-01-01 21:24:14 ERROR: Execution of Service_CBA8_StopService completed. Return code: 1, State: Failure  (SetupController.ExecuteNextCommand())


      I tried the information from this page: Error: Execution of CBA8InstallCommand during inline upgrade from LDMS 9.5 - 9.6 and upgrade to LDMS 2016


      but nothing is working. Does anyone have any ideas? My production server is 9.6 sp2 and my test server is 2016.