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    Cannot Capture an Image in Hyper-V


      Hello all,


      I'm having issues with capturing an image from a Hyper-v client. Capturing an image from Hardware works but when I attempt to do this in Hyper-v the capture template fails when trying to contact the preferred server. In the Maptopreferredhandler log states:

      No preferred server

      Could not get credentials for the preferred server

      Error 2250

      I have done the following to troubleshoot this:

      I can manually map and unmap the preferred server drives on the Hyper-v client in Windows PE

      I added the mapping actions in the capture template in order to bypass the maptopreferredhandler.exe

      Added the FQDN to the preferred server settings and then changed it back after if failed

      Checked the event logs on the preferred server


      In the preferred server  Security Audit logs it shows an  IPSec Failure between the Preferred server and the Hyper-V client with a specific port. Unfortunately I don't have access to the log right now to provide more specifics. 


      I'm wondering if I'm getting this error from the Preferred server setup. The Hyper-v host is the PXE and Preferred server, all are on the same PXE subnet. My next step to troubleshoot this is to create a preferred server in the Hyper-v manager, I will not be able to do this until Tuesday--I'm anxious if this will resolve the issue.


      I would love to hear your thoughts on this and I'm curious if anyone on here is successful with imaging on Hyper-v, I recently learned Landesk doesn't do testing with Hyper-v