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    Using Design Transfer to copy Reference List entries...?


      Does anyone have any experience of using 'Design Transfer' to copy Reference List entries from one DB to another (e.g. Test to Development)?


      We 'have' managed to do this in part, but have found that this only creates a new entry with the same 'Guid' and 'Name' fields, and does not copy over any other attributes.


      As an example...

      - We use a reference list to contain our email notification templates, these are made up of a title (named field which is unique), a subject line and the email body.

      - If we use 'design transfer' to copy one of these entries to another DB where it does not exist, it creates an entry with the same Guid and title, but leaves the subject and body blank.


      (Note: I appreciate using Test-To-Live would copy all attributes over, but we are looking at transferring specific values right now).


      I have looked through various documents / articles relating to Design Transfer which suggests Reference Lists are items that can be transferred, but not of them state that these wont be transferred in full.


      - Has anyone had the same issue and found a workaround other than manually updating the entry once the design transfer has created it?

      - Is there a flag / setting on an attribute that tells the system that this should be copied as part of a design transfer?


      Note: We have a SQL script we are investigating that could get us around our specific issue, but I was just wondering if I was missing something obvious