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    Date triggers a notification


      I have a process in which people submit a request with a proposed completion date. Our manager wants to be able to get a notification if a request is still open and the completion date is 7 days away or less. Ex: Request 112 is in progress and the completion date is listed as 1/10/2017, so 7 days before she wants to get a notification that this is still open. I know there is a way to do this, I am probably overthinking this so I thought I would ask.

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          Julian Wigman ITSMMVPGroup

          Yes you can use Schedule Manager.


          Build a QueryTool query with criteria that creates a data result set and use this query on the Scheduled Task.    The resulting action would be an "Add Reminder" to the Manager.


          Note however this would generate an email for each request returned in the result set.  Great if you want to for example if you want to email each raise user independently as a "chase" feature but not so good for manager alerts if more than a few each day unless you want separate ones of course.


          Perhaps better is to create a scheduled report (QueryTool query) in Schedule Manager so that the Manager just gets one report per day of those exceeding the time boundaries.