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    IOS Activation Lock bypass


      Can someone provide an example of how LANDesk manages IOS Activation Lock\find my phone feature?     


      We don't have the mobility manager setup yet but I can't find any documentation that specifically addresses the how to and there doesn't appear to be a training video on LANDesk specifically for this.


      In other non LANDesk mobility management programs, there is a way to "view bypass code" and simply enter that long code on a IOS Device that has been returned with this lock enabled.  Once Code is bypassed, the IPad can then be restored and then setup for the next user.


      Right now we are calling Apple to have them remove it on their servers.  We want a mobile device solution and we are looking at LANDesk.    But I can't offer LANDesk as a suggestion without knowing that this is something LANDesk has the ability to manage.    The mobility management documentation doesn't appear to include this information.



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          jhedelin Apprentice

          Hi Doug,


          I have setup LANDesk mobile management and have been testing it for 2-3 months now.

          You can easily unlock the device passcode, but i dont think its possible with LANDESK to bypass an "iCloud locked iOS device"


          I did try this on a device with an Apple account signed in to iCloud with find my iPhone enabled.

          I could do "Erase All Content and Settings" without the Apple account password from LANDESK console, but when the device restarted it asked for the password of the Apple account that was linked to the device to continue the setup.


          I didn't know Apple supported a "bypass code" for this, this would be great if LANDESK implemented to Management Suite.





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            Use Mobile Device Management and Find My iPhone Activation Lock - Apple Support


            Key wording here:  " you can use a compatible MDM solution to enable Activation Lock when a user turns on Find my iPhone.  Your MDM solution can store a bypass code when Activation Lock is enabled and later use this code to clear Activation Lock automatically when you need to eras a device and deploy it to a new user".


            So, is LANDesk mobile device management a compatible solution?   What you experience about still being asked for a password to continue the setup is because this device is locked on Apple's Servers but there is a way to bypass it with a "compatible solution".    You can find out how on the Casper solution in 5 minutes of google searching.  There are at least two videos which easily show this.   Cisco Meraki also has an easy solution (A google search found a page that explains everything).  I have found nothing for this from LANDesk.     Being able to bypass this lock (entering a bypass code), is going to be critical for us and close to the #1 solution on whether we use LANDesk for this purpose.



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              jhedelin Apprentice

              It looks like the Apple device must be Supervised for Activation Lock to work.

              In LANDESK the Apple device can only be Supervised together with Apple DEP.


              I did try Apple DEP in December with LANDESK but i got an error message, i have been in contact with LANDESK support and a patch is coming in January to fix this bug.

              When the patch is installed and i successfully enrolled my device with Apple DEP i will check if "Activation lock" is availible in LANDESK.