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    Is it possible to export all attributes of some categories and import them in an another category level?

    deleye-s Apprentice

      Hello everyone,


      I am currently using LDSD 2016 and i would like to export some categories (all attributes), modify them and import them in another category level.


      I tried to export categories using the console but I retrieve only one attribute by category.


      Context :


      I would like to implement multilingual email feature.

      I created a category object as describe in "Multilingual Content Pack" document (https://community.landesk.com/docs/DOC-30606) :

      • Reference – String 255 (Is Name? = true)
      • Subject – String 255
      • Body – String -1


      Each category contains an email template used in processes by calculations.

      I already created all email templates for a single language.


      I would like to export the categories, translate their content in a second language and import the translated categories in another category level.

      Is it possible ?



      Thanks in advance for your advice.