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    Act as if reboot is ALWAYS needed?


      Hi Everyone,


      What below applied reboot setting would do to desktops, are desktops to which this setting is applied going to reboot after every 15 minutes between 10 PM to 6 AM (Assuming that in Agent Settings 'Never Reboot' is unchecked)

      Since mostly during night hours 10 PM to 6 AM nobody is logged into their machines and desktops is locked or logged out, it will be rebooted multiple times? If not then how LANDesk determines or tracks that "since I found this desktop locked or logged out and I rebooted it once now I am not going to reboot it again and again after every 15 minutes even if I find it locked / logged out" Does it keeps the counter that keeps track of that (1 = It's already rebooted once)



      Thank you,