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    Landesk management suite 2016.3 Preferred Server

    mpiatt Rookie

      I'm trying to setup a Preferred Server for one of our off site locations.


      Can this be setup on a Windows 7 machine, or does it need to be a Windows Server OS?


      I've got the content replication setup for packages and drivers.  Is there a way to configure a HII library

      specific for this location?  I'd like to have the OS Provisioning setup to pull from the preferred server

      when performing the HII process, instead of transferring them thru our point to point connection.

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          LANDeskWizard SSMMVPGroup

          Preferred Server can be a Win 7 machine. Pretty much can be any OS that LANDESK client can be installed on.


          As for the HII library, when you build the library, you can choose a UNC\URL path to store it. Once you have chosen a path, you just need to have that same path created on your preferred server. Then you can setup your replication so that both locations are in sync.