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    CSA on AWS

    carlos Expert

      Has anyone created a CSA using AWS? and if so, what type of nore/resource did you use?



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          Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

          I have helped set one up but wasn't involved in the AWS settings but did have some issues with the vCSA settings. The appliance is Linux based so would think thats what you need to select.


          You need to make sure the vCSA is using Eth0 (and Eth1 if 2 nic config) before exporting the vCSA into OVF format for import into AWS. . You may find the network defaults to a higher number and AWS wont have these enabled so you will have no network and a AWS didnt offer console level access so it couldn't be fixed remotely.


          I ended up having to remove all network adapters in VMware and then readd for the appliance to pick these up as Eth0 and 1. Once this was done the rest of the setup went very well.

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            Hi Alex, I know this thread is over a year old, but how much do you remember about the process?


            Networking seems to be the issue, AWS' major failing, no console connection makes this a nightmare.

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              Alex.Richardson SSMMVPGroup

              Hi Bloke,


              Sorry for the late reply but just saw your question. The main thing I remember is having to SSH into the file system and manually modify the network config files to make sure the IP details were set correctly and so it would appear as the first nic so AWS would see it.


              If you have played with Linux before its not too hard.

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                carlos Expert

                The thing is that IF you get it to work, Ivanti won't support it, which make is a hazzle imo.

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                  Nine41_Nathan Rookie

                  Alex.Richardson is spot on. The justification I've heard as to why it's not supported is that when you configure the network directly is that the GUI becomes out of sync with the actual config. If Ivanti can provide a supported/straightforward path for this, it would seriously ease deployment of the CSA on AWS, Azure, etc.