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    HII never works ! :-s

    Benjamin THIEN Specialist



      I use LD2016.3, i try to deploy image and use HII, but it never works, i always have error in my Template about it.

      I make a driver database with the good drivers, i compile it and i affect it to the good kind of computer and the good OS...

      Each time i try use it, it never works.

      Help please.

      i Have more than 60 computers to prepare and i cannot install

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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          HII is unique in that if any one driver fails for some reason, the whole action will report as failed.  In reality, in most cases, HII does in fact install many drivers and may only fail on one or two. 


          For that reason we recommend setting the template to continue if the HII action fails.  I suggest letting it continue and seeing if you have the drivers you need. 


          Another strategy is to eliminate the HII action from occuring in the WinPE environment altogether.  It's really only needed in WinPE if your device needs a boot critical driver or a NIC driver and the default drivers included in the boot.wim are insufficient.  You can then run HII in the system configuration phase of your template where it's usually more successful.  It's always easier to install drivers to the live OS, vs trying to add them to an offline image with DISM. 


          If you are not getting ANY drivers to install, or if boot critical or NIC drivers are not installing, I'd suggest opening a support case so we can go over the logs and determine what is happening.

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            Benjamin THIEN Specialist

            Hii Jaysmith ;-)


            thx for your answer

            Okay i will try this.

            I will try both strategy

            i hope it works ! thx a lot.


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              ggrassart Apprentice

              have you configured prefered server for your devices download the drivers correctly?

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                Benjamin THIEN Specialist

                Hi GGrassart,


                Yes i did.

                After deploying image and finishing the template ...

                I can see the directiry C:\Windows\LDDriverstore on the target machine after rebooting and the drivers files copied in...

                The drivers are the good ones....



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                  ggrassart Apprentice



                  after the HII and CTOS and the restart of windows, you can find in c:\windows\temp,  HII drivers logs (hiidriver.log or hii*.log. i don't remember the exact name)


                  if you are in Winpe environment, you can find HII logs in x:\ldprovision ( or ldprovisioning)


                  in the log you can find the command line used by landesk. ( dism add-driver /recurse c:\windows\lddriverstore

                  you can attempt to run the command line manually to show the error message for troubleshooting.

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                    jaysmith SupportEmployee

                    Be advised the DISM command will only run in WinPE, you can't run DISM against an online image.  You can also usually get the DISM errors from the DISM log in WinPE.  You'd have to put in a wait action so the device doesn't reboot when it comes to CTOS.


                    We use DISM to add drivers in WinPE, and the Windows API to add them once the device boots to the final OS.  That's one reason HII almost always works better in Windows instead of WinPE.

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                      Benjamin THIEN Specialist

                      Hi everbody,


                      OK it's clearer for me now ...

                      Thx.. i can manage to do it works now... juste the video driver still not working but i look into the log for that.

                      Thx a lot guys.