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    Split a barcode




      We are using Wavelink Velocity CE with Datalogic Falcon X3.

      Some days ago we are using QR Codes with individually information (for example A179013 or Q321), but now we need to start to use QR Codes with information joined by '+' (for example A179013+Q321).

      The problem is that each data not ever has the same length.

      I tried to separate with Scan Handler configuration, replacing '+' to different separators (file separator, group separator, record separator and unit separator). I tried to change '+' into a Data Carrier, but the rest of the bar code was lost.

      Also I tried to change the preamble, getting the same result.

      Somebody could help me to strip the QR Code in different readings?


      Thank you so much¡¡

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          I think your request may require more advanced scripting than the basic Scan Handler allows. I don't remember if VelocityCE has the same scripting engine as TelnetCE, but if it does you should be able to create a script that is activated on Scan and then either selectively pass through the scan data automatically if it's not a QR code or pass the data through a parsing algorithm if it is a QR code. Your parsing algorithm would read the individual characters to the left of the "+" character into one variable and then read the characters from the right into a second variable. You then could choose to output the individual variables, created from the split barcode scan.