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    Windows UAC

    JMello Apprentice


      Everything I have read says to disable Windows UAC for the management agent to work correctly. Is this not the case?  Is there documentation of recommended settings?  What are your settings?





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          jaysmith SupportEmployee

          This is a bit of a tricky question.  In many cases, including in my own support lab, it is not necessary to disable UAC.  Speaking in generalities any packages you send out which run as the Local System account should not trigger a UAC prompt.  If you are running as a specific user or as the logged in user you may trigger UAC and need to disable it.  It's tricky to give a definitive answer since LANDesk is so flexible and tasks can be configured in so many ways.


          One example would be a script that is started using local system (which would not trigger UAC) but which contains actions that run in a different user context which may trigger UAC.  This TechNet forum post explains this with some detail:
          Bypass UAC and Elevate Permissions of Scripts (RunAs Administrator) at the Command Line

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            tdavenport Specialist

            It was an issue back when Windows 7 was new but no longer. We have Win 7 and Win 10 machines with UAC set to "Notify me when an app trys to make a change......(default)." 80k nodes. 300+ SW Packages. No problems.

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