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    Driver management


      Hi everyone.

      I'm not quite understood how I can use HII and manage the drivers.

      Is there some ability to use driver management on the agent machines not only for provisioning templates?

      I mean that can I assign driver for some component then make scan of the agent devices and then schedule task for the installation drivers on devices where scan founds mismatches.

      Thank you in advance

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          HII Driver management is for Provisioning only.  The drivers you add will be injected into the image during the two HII passes (DISM) of the provisioning process. You can deploy drivers as SW Packages but you do that through Distribution Packages - Not HII.


          Good Luck!

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            Hello tdavenpoint

            Thank you for the answer.

            So I cant find mismatches automatically? And I will have a lot of problem with EndPoint Security and blocking of the installers...

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              I'm not sure what you are asking. You want to find machines that don't have the correct driver loaded? If you have a standardized imaging process, no machine in your environment should have an un-configured device (unless it was deliberately configured that way). That's just quality control during your image building process. Concerning EndPoint Security...are you referring to HIPS? If HIPS is blocking a deployment from LANDESK then you need to have a machine 'LEARN' the files / drivers that are installed during a SW Deployment task.


              1. Create an EndPoint Security setting that is set to LEARN Mode.

              2. Install your software (any kind) on the machine while it is in learn mode.

              3. Add those newly learned files to your production Whitelist.


              I hope this helps.

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                Upon further thought concerning driver 'mismatches'..... If you want to check consistency on the drivers installed- by specific model - you could create a query and, in your column set, show the driver file and version being used. You'd have to create a query for a specific device on a given model. Not pretty but it would serve your needs if you had a specific driver / device that you were concentrating on. I still stand by my earlier statement that device driver accuracy should really be resolved before a machine is given to the customer. Consider it as quality control during your image building process.