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    Many "Computer" in DBrepair.exe

    Thomas56 Rookie

      Hi there,


      With Landesk management suite version 2016.3, when I start DBRepair.exe I have 3 “computer” trees :manyComputer.jpg

      Can I clean “computer” (Ordinateur) trees that don’t have “Custom Data” (Données personnalisées) ?



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          michael.odriscoll SupportEmployee

          Hi Thomas,


          Thanks for posting to the Community.


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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Not entirely sure what has happened / "people have done" to get you to that state, but that's more than a little odd.


            Personally, I'd generally advise at this point the following approach:


            1 - Take a (FULL) database backup ... and verify it can be restored. Just to be safe.


            2 - Make sure you stop the Inventory Service, load up DBREPAIR and delete *EVERYTHING* (yeah, sounds brutal ... hence the DB backup in case there's an "oh .. shoot" moment).


            3 - Close DBREPAIR and run COREDBUTIL.EXE (same directory, run "as admin" to be safe) and hit the "BUILD COMPONENTS / GERER LES COMPOSENTS" (I assume your Core is French?) button. Note that the Inventory service should STILL be stopped at this point!


            4 - Now you can start your Inventory service up again. Make sure that the setting to "just accept" unknown data is DISABLED (that's a setting for the Inventory Service).


            5 - Examine your incoming custom data -- the BNF data paths should all be in English. So things like:



            COMPUTER - CUSTOM DATA - MY CUSTOM DATA = SomeString



            And the Console just displays you the regional (French) strings instead. The data going *IN* should always be English. Possibly that's somehow being messed up?


            The reason why I suggest to "go brutal" here is because there's a whole bunch of messed up things that shouldn't be there (including multiple instances of "Ordinateur"). You may ALSO poke your DBA and ask them to run a DBCC check (Database Consistency Checker) to make sure that there's no problem from a SQL Corruption side.


            I sometimes see this when the SQL Server is running on a VM that's under-resourced (easy to happen with "shared resources" mode) and either memory and/or disk I/O can't keep up with advertised resources as well, alternatively.


            Hope that helps.

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              Thomas56 Rookie

              It is done.

              For information, the tree below has not disappeared despite the request for cleaning.

              I'm waiting for the next inventory returns to give you more details on the result.


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                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                Some *SOME* of those things staying (technically - "coming back") is perfectly fine. That's stuff like:

                - IMAGE

                - INTERNET EXPLORER

                - MDAC

                - the DNSSEARCHORDER


                Some of those are NOT so much "OK" (specifically, the "TEST FORMULAIRE" jumps out as being very much NOT an expected thing to see).


                So depending on how things go, you may need create a support case & be willing to provide a full DB backup ... we can try to clean up the database "by hand" (well - by SQL statement) to check for any other nonsense going on and/or DB corruption that may have taken place.


                Let us know how the incoming scans go (remember - you MAY need to re-authorise the relevant inventory items, as per the article HERE - Issue: Custom Data is not Entered - Using the Unknown Items Inventory Tool ).


                Having a look at the "Unknown Items" may also be interesting, to get an idea for what sort of / just how much garbage there is.


                As an FYI, if you have "a lot" of crud in "Unknown Items" and want to start fresh, I've documented how that all works (including a lot of background info). Long story short - 1 line of SQL statement will do it (make SURE the Inventory Service is STOPPED though!).


                The article is here - How to mass manage Blocked Inventory Items / Blocked Unknown Items .

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                  Thomas56 Rookie


                  I create a support case...