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    Provsioning jammed on \boot.sdi

    fifo Apprentice



      I have 2016.3 (SU1) LAB environment running on Vmware

      PXE rep. seems to be working fine:


      in my LAB I have problem starting provisioning that I didn't have before (lower LDMS versions).


      No matter how I get in to the PXE, if by pressing F8 or create scheduled task, it all ends with this this:

      \boots.sdi is never loaded and after while I can see next screen:


      Client I am testing this on has working Windows OS on it, so I guess it's not problem with boot partition etc.. Tried more clients, result same for all.

      If I press ESC, it will boot into working Windows OS.


      Any idea would be helpful since I didn't face this before. Thanks !

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          I had this same problem when I found out they changed the PXE rep deployment. WHY!!! They said it would be easier but I have not had the easy track yet.

          GOTO: Provisioning/OS Provisioning/Preboot (dropdown)/PXE Boot Options/ UNcheck "Always PXE Boot UEFI Devices"

          By default you will have to wait 15 mins for the rep to update or to the changed pulled time. My current problem, I cannot download the OS wim, awesome. GLHF

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            fifo Apprentice

            Well.. In my case this was unchecked. Anyway thank you for hint..

            (PS: it's working even when it's checked for me)


            I think I found the problem and it was related to TFTP block size settings.

            It's configrable under Self-electing subnet services (PXE)


            For VMWare it must be set to the lower setting = 1456

            With this settings all works fine for me, hope it helps somebody .