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    How do I add menu items to LDMS 2016


      PXE n00b here which makes life tough.  I have gone through a number of searches trying to find good help on how to add options to the PXE menu for a LDMS 2016 system and just can't find anything that works.  There are plenty of articles and documents for LDMS 8.8 through 9.6 but we are running LDMS 2016 which, apparently, is different enough to be missing files.  Our current PXE system has options for launching 32bit and 64bit Windows installs, connecting to a Linux JumpStart server, Altiris Imaging server, and a number of user and technical utilities.  LANDesk only provides the Provisioning GUI and we would like to add the rest of the non-deployment options back to the menu.  Any help would be appreciated.


      I have gone through the following docs and pages without finding a reasonable guide.  I would appreciate

      Ivanti Endpoint Manager and Endpoint Security - Provisioning Frequently Asked Questions (Does not include any info on adding menu options)

      Re: LanDesk PXE syslinux pxelinux interation (Only relates to pre-2016 LDMS)

      Changing the PXE Menu (Deals more with setting an option

      How to hide PXE Boot Options on the F8 Menu

      Re: Howto boot a custom item from PXE menu during Provisioning

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          Most of the PXE configuration is in the registry. They tough part is what you need to modify.

          One way to accomplish this is if you have a PXE rep build with 2016 or older (not 2016.3) there is a utility (pxeconfig.exe) in the following directory that gives you a gui to be able to set up new PXE options. While running the gui and making your changes have ProcMon running to identify the registry changes. Note the registry values updated and mimic those registry settings on your 2016.3 PXE rep along with the images and files for the new PXE options. This is what I did since our old environment was set up already. This worked for me on the 2016.3 PXE rep.


          Alternatively you may be able to just copy the pxeconfig.exe utility to your 2016.3 PXE rep and run it there if you are starting fresh. I did a quick test and it seems to work.

          Also this thread has a document "PXE_boot.doc" with how to use the pxeconfig utility and set up your new boot images. Add WinPE Custom Disk to the PXE F8 Menu 

          Not sure if any of this is actually supported by LANDesk outside of a best effort though so use at your own risk.


          PXE Utility found in C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDesk\PXE\System\pxeconfig.exe on your 9.*/2016.0 pxe server


          To give you an idea there are keys and values changed following areas.




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            Thanks Victorma.  I have attempted to use the PxeConfig.exe utility to modify the menu.  There is a decent reference here (Re: LanDesk PXE syslinux pxelinux interation).  Unfortunately the F8 Menu is never actually modified and when I close the PxeConfig tool and reopen it all my changes are missing.  None of the Registry entries that you listed are modified either.  Am I missing a step or something?


            Adding Client Boot Menu Definition:

            Client Boot Menu - Add Client Support.jpg


            Define BootServer Discovery (currently developing in a private network using SubNet 192.168.2.x):

            proxyDHCP Server - Define BootServer.jpg


            PXEConfig tool does not contain changes after restart of the tool.  Also, no changes made to the registry.

            pxeConfig after restarting.jpg

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              My first thought is UAC may be blocking your changes.

              Try "Run as administrator" on pxeconfig.exe to see if the changes start to get applied to the registry. When you make the changes in the gui the changes and click ok in the reg are instantaneous.

              Use ProcMon and filter to just the process and registry changes to see what's actually happening.

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                Wow, I know I am fighting a cold but one would think I would have tried that.  Thanks victorma!!!  Running it as the Administrator did the trick.