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    How does one configure the Workspaces app to pre-populate the Server URL?

    csoto Specialist

      Unfortunately, SSO won't work in our environment, for a number of reasons. So, we need to provide a Server URL for Workspaces to find the appropriate BidgeIT instance. Rather than somehow managing to get everyone in our organization to discover/learn/remember this, I'd like to pre-configure their clients with this information.


      I can do this on the Mac. I simply log in on a workstation, then grab the file ~/Library/Preferences/com.landesk.BridgeIT.plist. I use Xcode to remove everything but the String named "StoredServer2" and boolean named "StoredLoginAutomatically". I can then distribute this to our Macs, placing it in /Library/Preferences/, so that all users who log in get this setting on first use.


      How do you do the same under Windows? I have searched and searched and cannot for the life of me figure out where this information is stored. I looked in various .cfg and .xml files, and in the Registry. Any idea where this lives?