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    LD 2016 drivers missing from device manager


      Hello there,


      We've got LD 2016 and a generic, driveless image that I am currently testing.  In the template, drivers are injected during the Post-OS Installation.  Attached is an image of the drivers being successfully installed to a Dell Latitude E7450, but when you finally get to the desktop, the Device Manager shows the same exact drivers missing.  Upon a first pass-through, HII was assigning drivers to the wrong model, so using HIIPreview mode to see if it was going after a wrong model, I then went in (which appeared correct) and manually assigned the drivers in HII.  The drivers are still coming up missing in Device Manager.  I'm not sure what I am doing incorrectly here.  As an extra step, I set the template to inject drivers in the system configuration phase and they are still coming up missing.  Please advise.




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          psythian Apprentice

          I would check in your C:\windows\temp folder for any DISM logs or HII logs and review those. Also check your Unattend.xml and be sure that it also has a line in there for c:\WIndows\lddrivers.


          Last resort is to put a long pause in just before CTOS in your deploy script to give you time to review the logs in X:\ldprovision for any clues.

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            Hi Psythian,


            I did look at the HII logs, and HII Preview, but in my eyes, everything seems to be fine there.  I don't currently have enough knowledge to understand the contents of the DISM and CBS logs, so I have created a ticket with Landesk as I am at a loss here.  I'll try and look up how to create a CTOS pause.




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              psythian Apprentice

              I assume that SOME drivers are working but not all?

              If so, consider that some items (like components in USB) do not show up until after another driver is loaded.

              For example, the USB Root Hub is a component off of the USB 3.0 Host Controller, so until the Drivers are installed for the Host Controller, the system does not even know the Root Hub exists, that it why it is recommended to run a second HII in the System Configuration section, to hopefully catch the stragglers.

              HII will only deploy drivers for what it detects, in my example the USB Root hub does NOT exist until AFTER the Host controller drivers are installed and in place. So in your second pass of HII the USB Root hub will be detected and loaded, (hopefully).

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                Sorry about not responding.  Things have been a little busy here.


                I have actually done what you described.  An additional HII action has been added to the Sys Config portion, but that did not seem to change anything.  The odd things I found was that one of the drivers I manually assigned (after a first provision test) actually no longer appears and is truly, 100% successfully installed.  That would be the ACPI\INT33A0 (Intel Smart Connect Technology driver).  The ethernet and WIFI drivers aren't an issue.  Landesk's suggestion would be to only have 1 single action with HII during the Sys Config, which I believe I've done but can't recall at the moment.  I am going to try that again today and see if that changes anything.




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                  Catalysttgj Expert

                  Any possibility that Data Analytics is involved, and it is normalizing/changing your model information, and as a result changing what needs to be "assigned" for the model in HII? The side effect might be that you would see possibly two different model descriptions in the pull down menu in HII for the model. This could even carry over to manufacturer as well, since there are normalizer rules for several fields of data including manufacturer and model.

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                    LogicalScarcity Apprentice

                    Sometimes not all the drivers come down in the first HII pass during the Post-OS stage. I typically keep the 2nd HII action in the System Config stage (by default the two are created on a new deploy template) because it will typically get those it wasn't able to install before CTOS runs. Usually, it's just my USB 3.0 driver that doesn't like to install. I'm not sure exactly which ones you're missing, but when I have this problem, I try to assign the missing driver to a different hardware device, such as disk. That helps for most models, however I have one that still doesn't get its driver. For that one I made a quick software distribution package for it that we add to the provisioning template.


                    Hope that helps! Good luck!