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    Custom Data where you can use GetDate() like LANDesk date information

    Gjstewart Specialist

      Hi has anyone entered date information into a custom field using the custom fields in the registry and then been able to use the


      GetDate() function in the landesk query editor ?


      We thought we could just change the METAATTRIBUTES DATATYPE for our new custom field to DATETIME but it still wont work.




      Where METAATTRIBUTES_IDN = 2814


      ( where 2814 is the IDN of our new custom field )


      I want to be able to run a query in landesk console against a custom field with a DATETIME in it and get a result based on todays date.


      So results based on last 2 days or 24hrs or 30 days....


      like you can with the inventory scanner as detailed here.


      How to query for devices updated by Inventory since X