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    Queries not correct on WebAccess


      I have a few queries that are having problems on web access. All of the filters and criteria are set in the console, all I have done has been add the query in list few to a dashboard and published it to the web.The problem is that is shows the query as if there are no filters or criteria set. The only way I can get some of the queries to behave is to modify query (the screen pops up, I change nothing and then the query filters like it is supposed to), but it doesn't hold even if I save the dashboard (replace the shortcut with the current page). Any idea what is going on? This is also the case with setting up a query to only show date or time in a date/time field (even when set in console to show only date or time). I know the date/time issue was supposed to be taken care of with an upgrade or hotfix, so not sure what happened there.