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    A few child Orders by ONE action?


      Hello, guys!


      I`m new in LDSD and has interesting case. In Incident Management i created new attribute 'x' for main object(Incident).

      About this 'x' attribute: Mandatory - true, Datatype is Int16 and it has possible value diapason (0...10).


      After i created new module "Order Management" with main Obj. "Order" with workflow.


      So, what i need:

      1) When in the Incident i chose any number(0...10) in the 'x' attribute, after i save the Incident(maybe change status, or do any other action in workflow) , i want automaticaly creating 0...10 New Orders(depends on the value in 'x'). Quantity of new creating Orders equal to value in 'x'.

      2) And second condition: we cant close the Incident, untill all child Orders are not closed.


      Hope for your help, thank you!