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    Disabling 2.4GHz band via Avalanche

    rafitzpatrick Rookie

      I'm trying to find a way to easily deploy MC3200's running Windows CE6 that only connect to 5GHz without needing to touch each device individually.  I thought it might be possible to push out a .reg file that disables the 2.4 band as an option, but I haven't been able to come up with anything.  And I don't see any options for band selection in the Enabler config.  We're also looking at doing this from the wireless controller side, but I want to explore all of our options before making any changes.  Does anyone have experience with this who can help? The only way I know of doing this is to manually disable the 2.4GHz band in the wireless options on each MC3200.  If I can automate it in anyway, that would be great.

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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          If you have the MC32N0 then you have Embedded Compact 7 (CE7) and there isn't a registry key or an Enabler setting that can be leveraged. There is however, a roundabout method for accomplishing this:


          1. Take a sample device and manually disable 2.4 GHZ in the Fusion Options

          2. Export the Fusion Options to a GPDExport file

          3. Extract the export file off of the device, but do not rename it

          4. Create an Avalanche package that delivers the GPDExport file to the \Application directory and then Cold Boots. The Cold Boot will lead to the export file being auto-processed.

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            rafitzpatrick Rookie

            Thanks, Matt!  You were correct, it's CE7.  After a little finagling with the package builder, I got this to work.