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    Webaccess 2016.4

    VaLr Apprentice

      Hi, i installed de new LDSD 2016.4.


      When i try to go to http://server/ServiceDesk1.webaccess i got this:


      and after try to login this appear:



      What should i do to get normal access to Webaccess?

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          Hi Valr
          this is new feature in latest Version ,
          When users first access Workspaces or Web Access, they are redirected to authenticate using Identity Server. Once authenticated, they are logged in and no longer need to authenticate for either Workspaces or Web Access until a configurable number of days has passed.

          Go to configuration center and Change the login policy for the InstantName.Framework to explicit login or integrated as desired.

          and same to the InstantName.WebAccess , then should work fine .

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            VaLr Apprentice

            Mohammad, i did it but now i get this:



            Login fields doesnt appear.

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              did you do it for all framework you have ?
              check the server certificates do you have it
              and the bindings for the server