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    Help... Move default patch and configuring multiple preferred servers


      I have 2 LANDesk servers at my primary location.  The Core server and then my DB server which will also act as a preferred server as it has more space.  I would like to move patch folder from the Core server to the DB server as described here (http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-2133).  I have a couple questions though.  Do I copy just the "patch" folder, or do I copy the whole "ldlogon" folder?  Regardless of which folder I copy, do I have to create an "ldlogon" share on the new server as well, or can the share be named anything (i.e. blah$)?


      I haven't quite grasped how preferred servers directory structures should be created.  So please bare with me.  Some of my preferred servers with be NetApp devices, which will only be accessible via UNC.  That being said, as long as the folder structure remains the same, and I specify only UNC in the preferred server setting this should work, right?


      Thanks for any help.