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    Dell 7470 provisioning

    dletsch Apprentice

      We are just getting started with LDMS (2016.3) and while our engineer was here, we got our desktop (dell Optiplex 9020) provisioning fine.  I am now trying to get our newest laptop model working (Latitude 7470) and running into issues.  First it was failing after the HII process saying the storage driver was missing or corrupt, but I tried without HII and that part was working (although no other drivers were), so I removed the driver from there and then I was able to proceed.  Now it gets to configure target os, and windows encounters an error and need to reboot, then does not finish. 


      I found one other discussion on this, but it was not the same issue, and seemed to ellude to other things that needed to be done before, but I was not sure what do, and there was not much elaboration.  I am in over my head at this point, and just not sure how to proceed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          bcstring SupportEmployee



            In provisioning after you have laid down the image all that should be necessary is to inject the unattend.xml file, run HII, and then run CTOS. The CTOS action itself will reboot the device so that it can run through the sysprep process and then continue Provisioning once the device has booted into its final OS. Is there a specific action that is failing? Or does it fail after the CTOS reboot, when its running the sysprep process?

            If this is an urgent deployment that needs to get moving, I would recommend contacting Ivanti Support.





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            dletsch Apprentice

            Thanks for the response, I can get in touch with support, just wanted to see if there was something quick I was missing.  I know there is some user mode framework needed, but I installed that in the image, which did not help. The CTOS never finishes to get to a reboot, but it does reboot after the HII step.