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    Reference lists workspaces


      In Workspaces 2016.3, we have reference list that should show a user location once the Requested For user is selected.  It works in Web desk and in Self Service, displaying the user location.  However, in Workspaces it shows no value.  Is there a setting we need to change on the window properties for this attribute?

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          andreas.lindner Expert

          Hi Bobbie_finch,


          I take it, that there is a Copy Rule, that copies the Location from the _RequestedFor User to the Location on your Request?

          If yes, be aware that not all Copy Rules will currently work in Workspaces (I think currently only string attributes can be copied using a Copy Rule in Workspaces). But they are working hard to implement all features into the Workspaces and every new release contains new features for Workspaces.


          A possible workaround:

          You could insert an automatic action between the start of your Request Process and your first Status. In that action you define a runtime value, that takes the Location out of your _RequestedFor User {_RequestedFor/_Location}.

          (Sorry the screenshot is German, but currently I've got no access to an English system).

          2017-02-09 10_42_45-ldsdserver - VMware Workstation.png

          The marked action does nothing else than populate some attributes in my Process. IMPORTANT! You need to allow association with the window (set the value to true) when adding the new automatic action. Otherwise the runtime value might not work.




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            Thank you Andres!

            This makes sense, and I am trying it using our development environment.  I created the Automatic Action, and am working to add it to our Request process.  We use the same request process for Web Desk and for Workspaces Self Service.  However, for the Workspaces Self Service we have created an End User Request window which contains fewer fields.


            When I add the Automatic Action to the request process, the window that pops up is not the window used for the Workspaces Self Service web site.  It is our standard request window.  Will adding the automatic action the standard request window also populate the value on our End User Request window?  If not, do I need to create a new process specifically for Workspaces Self Service?

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              Fabian Schmidt Expert

              The Process Designer always displays the default window for console.

              The value that you populate by this automatic action is on process level, so it will display on the enduser window, as long you set the correct attribute.

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                andreas.lindner Expert

                Hi Bobbie_finch,


                it dosn't matter if you're using multiple windows for your Request, the automatic action will always happen, as long as the users have the correct privileges (add them to the corresponding roles).

                As there will be no window shown for the automatic action you can set the privileges, starting with "read" and testing it with EndUser, Analyst, AccountManager (if you have). Test it until everything is working.


                Let me know if you encounter more problems!


                Best Regards,


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                  Part of this solution seems to be working, but it is not functioning as we need.


                  We would like the location value to be required.  But it does not populate on the web page until after clicking Save.  Although I have the automatic action placed in the process flow before the Start Action.  If the Location is set to mandatory, it seems the web page validation runs before the automatic action fires.   Do you have any suggestions?

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                    andreas.lindner Expert

                    Hi Bobbie_finch,


                    as you open any new Process, you're standing at the black dot. So the first action will be committed as you save the process for the first time, so naturally the Location will only be populated after saving the process.

                    As copy rules do not work at the moment, you either can select the value manually or let the automatic action do its work. But at the moment, there is no option to populate the Location during selection of the user.




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                      PBRENNAN Employee

                      You could perhaps use a dynamic window calculation which checks for a value in Raise User / Location.


                      If there is a value, do not show Location on the Window and let the automatic action set the value.

                      If there is no raise User Location, show the field and make it mandatory for selection.


                      In your process, bypass the automatic action if a Location has been selected.


                      Show the Location field always once the Incident is created (ie when it is not null)

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                        Thanks, the automatic action will work correctly, if we do not make the Location required.  After the user saves the request, the location will appear. However, we decided to just remove the location from the web page and default it on the ticket in Web Desk for the IT Analysts to use. 


                        I really appreciate all the advice!

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