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    PersInfo 2.0

    hannahc SupportEmployee

      Attached is the latest version of PersInfo.


      PersInfo is a visual debugging aid for AppSense Environment Manager Personalization. It allows users or administrators to view information in real-time regarding the current session, such as connectivity state, configuration and cache size (amongst others). In addition it allows instant verification that applications are being managed (virtualized) via the use of coloured 'window frames', and popup notifications can alert the user when server or client synchronisation is occurring, new configurations have been loaded or when errors have occurred.


      This version is compatible with all versions of Environment Manager Personalization from 8.4 onwards.

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          Mario.Istuk Apprentice

          Is there any msi documentation for silent installation to achive the following requierments:

          - AcceptEULA for all users

          - Do not create Desktop Shortcut




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            Application.Service Rookie

            Thank you for posting the installation files. We are experiencing the following issues with version of PersInfo.


            When launching PersInfo and after accepting the EULA, I am prompted that Environment Manager 8.6 requires a registry value to be created within the computer's "Environment Manager" key before PersInfo can function correctly. I click the "Yes" button to allow it to attempt creating this registry key, I am prompted to enter my administrator credentials, which I successfully do. However, I get an error from PersInfo every time I try this that says "Failed to make the required changes: The operation was canceled by the user"


            The second issue (which is probably caused by the first issue I just outlined) is that I cannot view the virtual registry. When I choose to view the virtual registry from a personalized application from the list of Managed Applications, I get a PersInfo warning that says "Failed to start the Registry Helper service. The operation was canceled by the user". After I click the OK button on that warning, nothing happens.


            Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.



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              Mario.Istuk Apprentice

              Could you test to set the following registry key?


              #Set PersInfo Registry Key

              $env:CommsLogDebugPath = "C:\ProgramData\AppSense\Environment Manager"

              New-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\AppSense\Environment Manager" -Name CommsLogDebugPath -PropertyType String -Value $env:CommsLogDebugPath -Force

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                I found an issue that has been confirmed by AppSense/Ivanti technical support.  However I've been told that since this is a 'community tool', I should post this issue here.  Essentially, the problem is that the OS version regex is being improperly reported within the tool when configured on an application group.  For example:


                • Setup notepad.exe with a OS version regex of ^6.* to match only Windows 7 and 2008 family.
                • Added notepad.exe to an application group.
                • Logged into Windows 10 client and launched notepad.exe Checked appsensevirtual, no 'notepad' folder created. Agent behaving as expected.
                • Checked Persinfo and under Session Information the OS RegEx Filter reports "This Regular Expression matches the version of the Operating System".


                Thus, the tool is incorrectly reporting that the regular expression is matching when in fact it does not.  The EM agent is functioning properly however and respecting the regex correctly, it just seems that persinfo for some reason is reporting it incorrectly.

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                  hannahc SupportEmployee

                  Hi Michael,


                  Thank you for your feedback. Product Management are looking into this.




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                    nikolasj Employee

                    new Release of PersInfo 2.0 are found her PersInfo 2.0.