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    Getting specific with profile migration

    shnerk Rookie

      Ok, so we're starting to play with profile migration.  In the past we've just used migwiz to capture a user's settings, which in itself did an ok job, but we were hoping to capture a little more with LANDesk Profile Migration.  After running different tests with profile migration scripts we've determined that some Outlook files/settings are not being carried over.  Specifically there are two file types within a %userprofile%/Application Data/Microsoft/Outlook/, there is a *.nk2 and a *.xml file that we would like to capture which holds autocomplete information and shortcuts.  Since we cannot use environment variables like %userprofile% is there any other way to capture these files using file rules?  And what about ntuser.dat?  Is there any way to capture this from a user's profile?  Thanks!