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    How can I add multi-select listboxes without negatively affecting my existing field alignment?

    rickangell22 Apprentice

      I am having trouble with multi-select listbox alignment. my Request form has several groupboxes with various styles and multiples of field types, all aligned to two columns, with an occasional description detail spanning both, and everything aligns as expected until i add groupboxes that contain multi-select listboxes. as soon as i add those, the alignment of the entire page goes haywire. i have tried aligning new fields to existing, aligning the new groupboxes to exisiting with no success. the typical result is that existing right hand column fields extend off the visible page to the right. Any specific guidelines for multi selects that differ from other alignment tips?


      example images show (a) top sections aligned from the requestor details down, and the second (b) shows the groupboxes with multi-selects added which screws up the above alignment. you can see I have checkboxes, textboxes,  listboxes and multi-select listboxes in each group. (c) shows alignment before and (d) typical webdesk layout results after adding multiselects.


      and I have tried numerous variations of layout for each within the individual groupboxes to no avail. All right column, all left column, all spanning two columns, all vertical, all with 2 column, all with 1 column. extra fields for spacing with Show On Window set to False.