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    SLA Notifications going to new manager


      Good Day Everyone,


      I'm very new to LANDesk. I need some guidance please. I have been through the LANDesk manuals and cant find what I am looking for.


      I need to change where a particular Analysts SLA notifications are going to. To give a bit more detail:


      I have an analyst named Ben. When a request/incident is logged to Ben's name and reaches 60% before SLA breach, a notification is sent to Bens manager Jane. Jane has moved to a different position and Mark is Ben's new manager.


      I need to change the SLA notifications just for Ben to send SLA notifications to Mark instead of Jane.


      I just need to know where to go in order to change this setting. For the life of me I cannot find it!


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Dean Apprentice



          This could be in a couple of places and it all depends on how it has been setup.


          If the SLA has been setup to email said person (Jane) then it will need to be changed on each SLA which can be found under:


          Administration > Service Level Management (2nd image at the bottom under actions) > Incident Management > Incident > Response Levels > Priority x > Fix.


          You should then get a window that looks like


          Double click on the % (60%) and you get the following window


          You will then need to change the option in the bottom box (Notification Recipients:)


          If they are set as a email or name then you will need to remove or change.


          If it is set to role then you will need to find the role which again can be found under:


          Administration > User Management > Roles.


          Find the matching role and edit to use the correct person.

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            Hi Dean,


            Thank you for this reply. I did check there in the first place. What I found odd was that only "Assignee" was listed under notification recipients.


            As it turns out, their manager was getting the messages because they had "receive group notifications" turned on under the Support Group preferences on their End User details. Unchecking that box stopped the messages.