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    Task fails to execute on server with error 'No user has logged onto the system, failed operation'

    hanskl Apprentice

      I have had this problem for several months now. It only affects a few systems specifically Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012 R2. Not all the servers act the same. About half the servers have no problem running what ever task I push to it. Then there are the same servers every time I push a task to it fails. It fails with 'No user has logged onto the system, failed operation'. When I RDP to the server and rerun the task it will succeed no problem.


      The tasks I run very from batch scripts to powershell scripts to executable to msi Distribution tasks. I have looked through the PolicySync.log and PolicySync.exe.log with no errors showing from what I can tell. All systems have the same agents installed(Workstations and servers alike). I don't have this problem with the Windows 7 boxes.


      Has anyone had this problem?