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    Workspaces Hide Problem Linked Articles


      In our Workspaces Self Service setup, (version 2016.3) we have created an End User Problem Window, so that users can view their Problem tickets.  Our issue is at the bottom of the page a Problem Linked Articles link appears, which allows users to view Knowledge articles that we do not want to share with them.  We would like to remove or hide the Problem Linked Articles link.


      We have tried removing the Widgets at the bottom of the End User Problem Window for both Articles and for Linked Knowledge, but the link still appears in Workspaces.  We tried removing SelfServiceUser role Read permission on Problem, Article,

      but then the Problem would not open at all.


      Is there a way to remove the link for Problem Linked Articles?  Is there a way to change the query that shows a list of Linked Articles?   What is this query named?


      Thanks for any advice!