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    LDMS 2016.x CTOS fails to copy vcredist_x86.exe


      Hello everyone. This might be something simple but I've been unable to find an answer anywhere.

      I'm having issues when deploying Windows 7 Pro 64-bit at the CTOS stage.


      Here's the lines from the ConfigTargetOSHandler.log file just before it fails.

      2017-02-17 01:39:04(1552-1168) ConfigTargetOSHandler.exe:CopyFiles::Going to copy /ldlogon/vcredist_x86.exe to c:\ldprovisioning\vcredist_x86.exe

      2017-02-17 01:39:04(1552-1168) ConfigTargetOSHandler.exe:Create process (x:\cba8\httpclient.exe) with args (  -f "c:\ldprovisioning\vcredist_x86.exe" http://STL01LANDESK.corp.local/ldlogon/vcredist_x86.exe)

      2017-02-17 01:39:06(1552-1168) ConfigTargetOSHandler.exe:Process exit code:1

      2017-02-17 01:39:06(1552-1168) ConfigTargetOSHandler.exe:CopyFiles::error copying file


      There are several files before this that all copy correctly. The file appears to have partially copied as it does exist in c:\ldprovisioning\ after the template fails. I've also verified the file exists in the source path on the core. The copied file and source file are different sizes.


      Any ideas on other things to check or why the template might be failing here?


      Thanks in advance!