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    Velocity - Theme


      We noticed that there is a Error Message, Warning Message, Information Message in the Velocity - Theme screen. Can please advise how to use it? Do you have any user guide documentation - to show how to use it?


      Please advise and reply as soon as possible.


      Thank you.


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          Matt Dermody SSMMVPGroup

          As far as I know, those messages  only work on screens that Velocity's base screen recognition algorithm has been coded to identify as Errors or Warnings. This typically only refers to standalone Error/ Warning Message screens:



          I don't think there is any method for assigning one of those message graphics from the Theme outside of maybe manually editing the Rules.xml file inside of the WLDEP.

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            cachilli SupportEmployee

            That would be correct.. these are what the predictive will try and use and you can edit these themes to display just a little differently than the defaults when the actual error messages comes up..