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    Console Extender add option to display device task history

    Leonard.Restis Rookie

      We are in the process of finalizing moving from LDMS 9.5.3 to LDMS 2016.2  The new system is up and running great. The old console was configured prior to my arrival.  On the old 9.5 console if I right click a device in network view, one of the options is to show scheduled task history for that device. I would like to add this option to the new 2016 console. I read the documentation, but can not find what to run to gather task history. Can anyone point me in the right direction?  The left image is from the context Menu on 9.5 (right click menu), the middle image is the registry entries the literature pointed me to for the options in the console extender  and the right image is the results displayed when I right click on a device in network view and select Scheduled tasks and policies. My question is - What is the command I need to add to the Console Extender in 2016 to get the same results? Thanks


      Context Menu9.5.JPGplugins9.5JPG.JPGtakslist.JPG