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    Queries on Workspaces Dashboard periodically appear empty (blank white boxes)

    MJ2718 Apprentice

      We have a system default dashboard for end users which has 3 separate query components. They typically work just fine, however they periodically appear empty (as a blank white box).  We are able to restore the query results by simply updating each query by changing a column sort.  The refresh of the query causes the results to be shown again.  Oddly, the issue does not occur in WebAccess Self Service.  At first I thought there were simply no results for the query however I would look in WebAccess and see results.  Furthermore I noticed that Workspaces displays default text when the query has no results; this is different than the queries showing as a blank white box.


      We've logged a support ticket and have not been able to resolve this.  We are currently building the system preparing for our go live and this is causing a serious issue.