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    Listing applications deployed


      Hi guys,


      Is there a simple way to list all unique products deployed across those machines that report into your CORE LDMS server?


      I was looking at the standard reports and could not see anything?





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          MarXtar ITSMMVPGroup

          Probably the easiest way is with a web console report.


          Create a query that searches for Device Name Exists (Just so you get all of the machines).  Then select the Application Suites - Product Name as a column to display and add a count to it.  Do notselect Device name for display.


          if you run this report you will get a list of all add/remove programs entries along with a count of the unique ones.  You might also want to add the Version as a column.


          This is the fastest was and easiest as the other alternative is to do this with physically scaned files and that is not good to look at.


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