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    Rollback to agent 9.6




      A month ago we had the new 10.1 console from Landesk but for some problems we had to do a rollback and restore the backup version 9.6.

      All the agents were updated to version 10.1 and now we are sending the installation of agent 9.6 again, but although the task says sucessfull, the clients continue with version 10.1.

      Can you help me install version 9.6 from the console remotely?

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          Don't hold to this 100% but I think you're gonna have to run the uninstall from the 10 server on all those devices. I have tried in the past to install previous agent versions on devices before and it wouldn't work until I ran uninstallwinclient.exe on all of them. I suggest you use the /forceclean as a switch as well. The problem is, how are you gonna get to all of them with that since you already rolled back your server and probably killed off the key files as well? Maybe if the push of your 9.6 agent worked, a push of the uninstall may work as well. Otherwise you may have to rely back on AD to do a software distribution or plan on visiting all of those desktops individually. Then you can use UDD or AD to get the 9.6 agent back out. I hope someone has better news for you.

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            phoffmann SupportEmployee

            Depending on how you're doing the rollout - yes, the above (i.e. - using UninstallWinClient) will be necessary.


            Essentially, the upgrade process (in simplified form) looks like this:

            1. I - the installer of the agent - am version X.
            2. You - the agent on the device - are version Y.
            3. If version X (the installer) is newer than version Y (the agent on the box) - go forth and update.
            4. If version X is *older* than version Y - then don't replace files.


            ... this is usually a good thing, as it protects people from unwitting file downgrades (and you wouldn't believe how often I've seen those happen in a "whoops" or "Huh - never knew Bill from that location was still deploying an 8.5 agent on a daily basis...") situations.


            In short (with a VERY small list of exceptions) - we're not really in a habit of overwriting newer files with older ones. The exception to this being vulscan & related files, who auto-sync with "whatever the Core has" ... that's pretty much the ONLY exception to the usual rule of "we won't replace new files with older ones". Generally speaking, that's more often a very good thing, than not -- exception being your particular scenario.


            So - hope that helps shed some light into the situation? You'll need to run the UninstallWinClient and then you'll be able to "downgrade" your agent (though technically it'll be a fresh install at that point).


            Does that help?